COVID-19 Update

Sterling Pharmacy is now providing COVID-19 vaccination to eligible patients (Visit the Minnesota COVID-19 Response website for information on the current eligibility guidelines). If you are eligible, please use the following link: schedule an appointment to schedule your appointment.

If no clinic dates appear, please use this form to join our waitlist and we will reach out when vaccine becomes available: Waitlist.

Stay on Track

Don’t let roadblocks stop you from taking your medications. Follow these helpful tips and keep your medications on track.

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Staying Active at Home

Staying active during the winter is difficult enough. Add social distancing to the situation, and our activity level drops even more. Show your heart some love with these social distancing-friendly activities.

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Focus on Your Health in 2021!

It is time for New Year’s resolutions. If you are currently taking multiple medications each day, we suggest that you focus on taking them on time, every time.

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Take the Confusion Out of Medicare

Medicare Open Enrollment is here, and your Sterling Pharmacy team can help take the confusion out of your Medicare Part D or Medicare Advantage plan.

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Find the Right Fit

November is National Diabetes Month. Help spread the word on how important it is for people with diabetes to take care of their feet by reading and sharing this article.

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