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Staying Active at Home

February is Heart Health Month. It is time to show your ticker a little love! But the cold winter weather and social distancing make it difficult to create an exercise routine. We suggest giving the following five ideas a try this winter to get your muscles working.

Make the most of mild weather. The winter makes it difficult to get outside for exercise. But, when we get a warmer, sunny day with no wind, get out there and enjoy it! A few laps around your neighborhood or simply cleaning out your garage will provide a little exercise and much-needed fresh air.

Give yoga a try. Improve your strength and flexibility while relieving some of your aches and pains with a little yoga. Not sure where to start? Check out or other similar websites to read articles and watch how-to videos.

Give your home a deep clean. Giving your home a little love will help in two ways: 1) COVID-19 has us at home more than we are used to, and living in a beautifully cleaned space is good for the soul. 2) Using a little elbow grease to make your home shine is always good exercise.

Try a new workout video. YouTube is full of free exercise videos that will guide you through a heart-pumping routine. To start, visit on a tablet or smartphone and search for “beginner home workout” or “senior home workout.”

Ride a stationary bike. Stationary bikes are a compact and relatively inexpensive piece of exercise equipment to add to your home. Riding the bike can get a bit boring, so grab a pair of headphones to listen to some heart-pumping music or watch a favorite show.

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