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“I enjoy working in the community setting. It provides the opportunity to work directly with the public, helping patients with prescription information as well as giving advice on over-the-counter medications for common, minor issues.”
John Charles Pharmacy Manager
John Charles

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Complete Pharmacy Care

We support you on your path to a healthier life with personalized pharmacy services. At Sterling, we offer a set of Complete Pharmacy Care services designed to assist you each step of the way. Every service we offer starts with a conversation. Visit or call your pharmacy team today to discuss your steps toward a healthier life.


Medication Synchronization

Do you visit your pharmacy several times a month to pick up each of your medications? Let Sterling simplify your life by lining up those medications, allowing you to pick everything up in just one monthly visit.


Diabetic Shoe Fitting

Wearing the correct shoes is a must for diabetic patients. We offer free shoe fittings to help patients find the right fit and identify how insurance plans may help with the purchase of shoes and inserts.


Free Delivery

Not able to make it to the pharmacy to pick up your medications? We offer free delivery! Stop in or call today so we can deliver it from our store to your door.

Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure Tracking

Sterling offers a free Smart Card that allows you to easily track your blood pressure. You can print your ten previous readings at our in-store blood pressure machine, or you can create an online profile to track your progress.


Immunizations & Preventative Care

Immunizations are extremely important to our current and future health. Sterling offers immunizations in the store as well as in our community.

One On One

One-On-One Medication Reviews

Your Sterling pharmacist is available for one-on-one conversations to review your medications. Your pharmacist will also offer guidance to help you meet your personal health goals.


Customized Medications

Sterling makes many medications from scratch to ensure they meet your unique needs. You or your pet may need a custom compounded medication due to allergies, trouble swallowing, or many other reasons. If you do, simply stop in or call to talk about it.


Identifying Your Medicare Part D Options

Once you turn 65 years of age, your Sterling pharmacist can look at your Medicare Part D insurance options and help you identify the best plan for you.


Medication Adherence Tools

Medications are only effective if we take them correctly. Sterling can provide you with tools to make sure you or your loved one is taking medications properly and effectively.


Medical Equipment

Using the proper equipment is an important key to living a healthier, safer, and more comfortable life. We offer supplies for mobility, bath safety, wound care, diabetes, blood pressure tracking, and more.

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Sterling Extended Pharmacy Services

Specialty Pharmacy

Sterling Specialty Pharmacy’s mission is to streamline patient access to critical specialty medications while prioritizing continuity of care, clinical excellence, and strategic partnerships.

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Long-Term Care Pharmacy

Sterling Long Term Care Pharmacy’s mission is to provide innovative services and advocacy to the long-term care community by partnering with others who care.

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